Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween from Ben!

I'm not sure if I mentioned that Ben went to his high school Halloween dance on Friday night. Apparently a group of girls asked him to dance, so he did. Ben transferred to a regular high school in our board in September. It has a deaf/hard of hearing program where the students have some classes on a separate unit and others in the mainstream with interpreters. I just received this message from the head of the program. She sent it to all of his teachers and the principal:

"Ben was our one and only DHH student who showed up to the Halloween dance! His costume was totally awesome! The best! He's got guts! I am so very proud of him! He is one remarkable young man who is displaying his spirit to the fullest."


Well? What was Ben's costume for the dance? Now I'm curious.

Hi DeeAnn -- He went as a musketeer --we got the costume from a costume shop that serves the theatre industry. We were looking for an armadillo -- which is what he wanted to be -- but they didn't have anything like that. So we went with the musketeer. How are you guys doing???

awesome... and he looked great!

Way to go Ben sounds like he will have great memories from that event and perhaps made a few more friends that wonderful.

Aw, that's wonderful! Glad he got a chance to boogie with the ladies too :)

that's SO great!! guts runs in the family... hug, tekeal

Oh man, I am so glad you posted something on this. I was lucky enough to watch Ben boogie hi butt off, even when he was sitting. I saw helped up by the girls to dance but didn't see the actual dancing as I had an important phone call to take. He had such a great time and man does he know tons of people at that school, from all grades. He is definetly making himself known there!!!