Thursday, October 6, 2011

His hero

This just in from Ben's English teacher. He is in an English class with other kids who are deaf and hard of hearing:

"Ben is doing really well in English class. He's reading the same material as the rest of the students. I gave him a bit of homework which he rolled his eyes at!!! I asked him if he could name 3 people that are his heroes. He said right off the bat that his dad is his hero! He is to give 3 reasons why he thinks each person is a hero.

I love Ben!


Hey Louise,

I wouldn't mind doing a little of homework of my own. For instance, please tell Ben that he is my "hero" because:

1) He accepts everyone as they are.

2) His heart never lets him give up (Only him and I can truly know what this means).

3) His is the king of video games and so very funny!

I love him too!!!


p.s. Please, ask Ben, "Does he want to go see Dolphin Tale?" --it looks like a must see!