Monday, October 24, 2011

Armadillo anyone?

Ben has been 'thinking' on a Halloween costume. It had to be an animal, he said.

Today he decided. At first he told me it was an anteater -- he told me this by finding a Zoboomafu show about anteaters.

Then, just as I was putting out word that I needed help on an anteater costume, he brought me the voice software on his iPad to let me know that it wasn't an anteater after all -- it was an armadillo that he wanted to be.

Even though Halloween is Ben's favourite holiday, I always find myself about a week away from the event in the same situation: in search of an unusual costume. Where on earth do you find an authentic looking armadillo costume -- one with scales that look like armour?

Ideas? Anyone?

There is a Halloween dance at Ben's school this Friday and he wants to go.



I just googled "armadillo costume" and got some hits.


If you scroll down on this page there's a description of how one person made her costume out of recycled stuff:

Will keep thinking ...

There's one that costs over a thousand dollars online, but there's also a video of a pretty cool one, if you haven't seen it yet:

Oy. I certainly don't envy you!

saw this hedgehog costume and didnt know if maybe there was some way to adapt it... make the pieces lay down flat on top of each other instead of sticking up? maybe?