Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So cool!!! The Globe nice job for Dad too. I guess writing runs in the family. I hope he has fun.

Thanks Sherry! Yup, D'Arcy and I met at the Financial Post many years ago.

How is Ashley???

Loved seeing her walking on Halloween -- beautiful costume! xo

Sherry and Louise --two beautiful moms, and just the people I wanted to talk too!!!

Hello Ladies, I'm thinking of buying an iPad 2 and an wondering if the two of you may be able some questions?

First, I am that ipad 2 has an extentsive e-book library, but is someone able to bookmark or highlight a passage, allowing them to refer to it later?

Second, one can easily open a PDF file on the iPad 2. However, can a user listen to that same same PDF file, being read aloud, as they would an auditory book?

I look at myself, as well as kids like Ashley, and all I want to do is even the playing field for students with disabilities.


Hi Everyone,

There is another way to find out what I seek: visit the Apple Store at Yorkdale Mall.


P.S. I never seen D'Arcy look so serious. Somebody, "Give that man a cup of coffee!!!" :)