Thursday, November 24, 2011

Balancing a marriage and kids with special needs

Noor Al-Shaikh (above) and his wife Rita have three children. Gisele, 10, and Sienna, 5, have a rare, non-progressive condition called Juvenile ALS type 2. They can’t walk on their own and use canes, walkers or a wheelchair. Sister Iliana, 7, is not affected.

While challenging, Noor believes raising children with disabilities has strengthened his relationship with Rita.

In this BLOOM clip he shares strategies for keeping a marriage strong. To view this on a full screen, go directly to YouTube.


Being a parent of a child with disabilities, sad to say have caused a strain on my marriage. My husband left us and never ever cared for our two children. On the other hand, I believe that couples can protect their marriage; they must understand that they are entitled to a decent marriage, no matter how many needs their children have. Maybe i's just that I was married to a very irresponsible and inconsiderate man. However, that didn't stopped me to give all the love and attention that my children needs.