Monday, November 21, 2011

Talking about limb difference

In the first of a series of BLOOM clips, Janelle Cherng talks about explaining daughter Gabi's limb difference in social situations.

In BLOOM clips parents and experts talk about childhood disability. Send us your ideas for future topics! Thanks, Louise


These are great videos. I hope that you will caption them so that they are accessible to all. It's really easy to caption YouTube videos. If you don't know how, ask a tech-savvy high schooler to do it!

Great video Louise! I look forward to watching your other ones too.

Hi Anonymous -- You are right. It should be captioned. In our haste to get it up, we missed that step. Will let you know when it is.

Sherry -- perhaps you have idea for video topics?

I love it! Great job Janelle! This is such a wonderful resource for new parents finding out their baby has a limb difference!

We have taught Kiernan that he is probably the only amputee that people will meet, and so they are curious, just like he is when he sees someone in a wheelchair. We have also taught him to tell people that he was born that way and to offer to show them is prosthetic leg. We find that the 'no big deal' approach has been very helpful with acceptance both for Kiernan of himself and others of him.

Fabulous!! Love it & completely agree.

~~fellow mommy of a one-handed wonder : )