Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why do you read BLOOM?

Nathalie Wendling, mom to Melanie and Tommy, sent me this lovely note:

BLOOM has helped me in ways that are difficult to explain. It has helped me understand myself better: my frustrations, my stress, my negativity, my jealousy, my worries, my exhaustion. Why we obsessively do all the things we do.

Reading about all these other parents with so much courage, strength and valuable advice helps me feel supported. As parents, we stress, looking for ways to improve our children's life with different therapies and new technology. Your blog has also taught me to stop and enjoy Melanie for who she is and her ways...I love Melanie's invisible friends and her pretend world. They make me laugh so much.

Thank you have opened my eyes to a whole new exciting, fun-loving chapter. In this chapter we are going to enjoy Melanie as Melanie. I can't wait.

P.S. Melanie is not talking to Hello Kitty (see above). Apparently Hello Kitty said something mean to the Grinch.


Dearest Louise,

I read your blog because it reminds me everyday how special some children in our world are...and how special their parents are one of them Louise!

Your passion to help and educate, to support and share your story inspires me...and it helps heal my heart.

Sending love, I'm glad Nathalie let you know what a wonderful thing you do to make a difference.

with love
Diana x

I started reading this blog as A developmetnal Services Worker Student. I now gradurated in 2011 with honours and am starting to work as a family support worker. I love reading about issues in the disability community and with families