Blogs of interest

Branko has funny bones Chromosome 12 microdeletion, skeletal dysplasia, lung restriction

CHEO Moms and Dads
(parent bloggers from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)

Circle of Friends (Asperger's)

Disabled Families (cerebral palsy, augmentative communication)

Estee Klar (autism)

Free as Trees (cerebral palsy)

Half past normal (Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Prader Willi syndrome)

One little fin (limb difference)

Searching for solid footing (Mitochondrial disease)

The Political Caregiver (cerebral palsy, 24-7 medical needs, author of The Four Walls of My Freedom)

Today's Parent (cerebral palsy)

Widening Circle (Down syndrome)

YES or NO big decisions (insights from a mom whose son had complex medical needs and disabilities and died at age 12; author of No Ordinary Boy)

United Kingdom

Downs Side Up (Down syndrome)

Grace Under Pressure (Asperger's)

Mumsnet (large UK parenting blog with special-needs section)

Orange This Way (raising a child with an undiagnosed genetic disorder)

Was this in the plan? (Costello syndrome and Asperger syndrome)


All born in (cerebral palsy)

United States

a moon, worn as if it had been a shell (uncontrolled seizures)

Born Just Right (limb difference)

Bridget's Light (family with a bio daughter and an adopted daughter with Down syndrome)

Calvin's Story (seizures)

Disability Scoop (developmental disability)

Eliana Tiardio – (Down syndrome, in Spanish and English)

Enjoying the small things (Down syndrome)

Farmer John Cheese and other Joy (Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome)

Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords (polymicrogyria/neurological disorder)

Finding Normal (chromosome difference)

Grace in the Ordinary (Down syndrome)

Hektoen International Journal (medical humanities journal)

Martyn Sibley (Spinal muscular atrophy)

Media dis&dat (news stories on disability)

Motherlode (The New York Times parenting blog)

NeuroTribes (autism, neurodiversity, science writer Steve Silberman)

Noah's Dad (Down syndrome)

Our stroke of luck (stroke at birth)

Reflections of a Grady doctor (U.S. hospital physician writing on medicine and teaching)

The Early Birdies (cerebral palsy, preemie, tube-fed with real food)

Take a Walk on The Happy Side (identical twins with Down syndrome)

Thin Places (Down syndrome)

To The Max (cerebral palsy)

What sorts of people (human variation, normalcy and enhancement)

With a little Moxie (Down syndrome, parent deafness)


Faith and Light (Christian communities that foster friendship with people with intellectual disabilities, in 80 countries)

The Bernard Bunch (Jacobsen syndrome)


Conny Wenk (Down syndrome, photography)


LIVIA-THE-GREAT (Down syndrome)


Nordic Network on Disability Research (multidisciplinary network of disability researchers)

New Zealand

Autism and Oughtisms (autism)