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A collection of blogs, websites and other links and resources for parents of children with disabilities and chronic health conditions and the professionals who work with them.


Autism & Aspergers

Autism Ontario (Canada)

Autism and Oughtisms (New Zealand)

Autism Speaks (Canada)

Developmental disabilities and Autism

ThAutcast (U.S.)
Facebook page

Costello syndrome and Asperger syndrome

Complex Special Needs

Jennifer Johannesen (Canada)
Insights from a mom whose son had complex medical needs and disabilities and died at age 12; author of No Ordinary Boy

Complex Child (U.S.)

Not the Former Things (U.S.)

Cerebral Palsy

CP-Net (Canada)
Cerebral palsy, preemie, tube-fed with real food

Free as Trees (Canada)
Cerebral palsy, augmentative communication, service dog
14-year-old with CP

Love That Max (U.S.)

World Cerebral Palsy Day (Worldwide; Australia-based)

Developmental Disability

Disability Activism & Advocacy

A specialty legal clinic based in Toronto. 
Disability rights journalist David M. Perry

Disability & Race

Autistic Hoya (U.S.)

Empowering black disabled women

Down Syndrome

Conny Wenk (Germany)
In Spanish and English

Noah’s Dad (U.S.)


General Special Needs

Abilities (Canada)

Ability Online (Canada)
A fascinating series of videos with parents of children with disabilities and people with disabilities. By Jennifer Johannesen.

DisabledGo (U.K.)
Publishers of educational materials for people with disabilities and their care providers.

Easter Seals (Canada)

Family Alliance (Canada)

Inclusion Press (Canada)
News stories on disability

Mumsnet (U.K.)
Large U.K. parenting blog with special-needs section
Opinion series on disability
BBC podcast
“The Social Emotional Enhancement and Development website aims to provide evidence based resources to promote social emotional competencies of children with special needs. The content of the website is managed by the Psycho-social team at BC Centre for Ability.”

Intellectual Disabilities

ConnectABILITY (Canada)

Faith and Light (France)
Christian communities that foster friendship with people with intellectual disabilities, in 80 countries

Limb Difference

Medical Journals, Doctors & Medical Information

Brainstreams (Canada)
A project of the B.C. Brain Injury Association

CanChild (Canada)

ErinoakKids (Canada)
Medical humanities journal

Pain Week (U.S)
Hospital physician writing on medicine and teaching

Mitochondrial Disease

Neurological Disorders

Three to Be (Canada)

Physical Disability

Bad Cripple (U.S.)


Rare Disease

Carly Findley (Australia)

Mother of Bones (Canada)
Rare diseases, chromosome 12 microdeletion, skeletal dysplasia, lung restriction, jokes!
Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome

Seizures & Epilepsy

Uncontrolled seizures; transition to adulthood

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Spinal muscular atrophy and travel

Accessible Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle

Simply Emma (U.K.)

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