Thursday, March 15, 2012

Of interest

Ashley treatment on the rise amid concerns from disability rights groups The Guardian reports that 12 families have carried out, or are in the process of undergoing, controversial medical procedures to limit the growth of their children with severe disabilities.

We all care: A glimpse of devotion in Cat Island, Bahamas The Four Walls of My Freedom author Donna Thomson shares a moving account of her meeting with a mother of two children with disabilities on a remote island.

Things adult medicine could learn from pediatrics "In adult surgery, it is not routine to promise that someone can be with you in the operating room till you go to sleep, or to have family members a standard part of recovery room care," writes Dr. Perri Klass in a New York Times blog. But that, says the doctor, is what patients -- adult or child -- need.

Parents of disabled children seek better documentation in restraint incidents Parents and disability advocates say Kansas schools don’t comply with current voluntary guidelines. Parents want to know when their child is being secluded or when teachers use restraint.

TASH responds to AASA position supporting restraint and seclusion