Friday, April 27, 2012

With a little help from my robot

The first randomized trial into the effectiveness of robotics in improving walking in children with cerebral palsy was launched at Holland Bloorview yesterday. The $500,000 clinical trial is funded by CIBC. The $400,000 robotic device was donated by Three to Be, a foundation led by Dana and Jared Florence, who have triplets with cerebral palsy. Wesley Magee-Saxton, 12, demonstrates in this Global report.



This is great, as I could use it after surgery --just one question, "How am I going to pull that off?" Maybe, the CEO of Holland Bloorview and I should have a little chat --no jokes!


Where can I get me one of those?! That is so neat! My daughter certainly needs a robot now:)

Hi -- it is early on figuring out when and if the robot can improve walking function.

We are doing a story in the next BLOOM about a study about how cultural values about walking impact parents of kids with CP (creating huge amounts of anxiety in parents and a "therapy at all costs" mentality even when there isn't progress, and negative self-image in kids. So I feel we always have to balance these stories with caution.