Monday, April 30, 2012


As parents of children with disabilities, we don't take anything for granted.

So when my son came shopping with me at a massive grocery superstore yesterday and navigated all the aisles on foot, I couldn't help feeling giddy and grateful.

It's easy to move on to the next worry or fear or regret, but sometimes we need to fly our flags in celebration (in this case, Tibetan prayer flags).


Yes. You're riding that cresting wave that I wrote about today! Bravo.

You are so right, the simplest things that I can do with my son Rodrigo, where I really feel successful, put me on such a high. ANd that includes walks in a grocery store.

Oh he loves to grocery shop, did he help you pick things up off the shelves? That is a great that he got to go with you. I am happy you felt good about it too, it is important.

I celebrate with you. Yes, we really don't take the little things for granted.