Monday, April 2, 2012

Ben and the Raptors

Marjorie took Ben to a Raptor game for his birthday last night. Here's her account:

Ben loved the game so much!!! The first thing was we moved seats as the usher saw how hard it was to get down the stairs. We went from 300 level, highest level to 100 level, lowest. It was very exciting and we sat in wheelchair seating which means no stairs, close to family washroom, close to PSP games, cup holders and ordering food from our seats, woo hoo.

Ben danced, a lot. He tried really hard to get in the Jumbotron as he whipped his head around to the song "shake your head." He cheered with his voice and watched very carefully.

He caught on to the game very fast. He only asked what team we were and what a free throw was. Otherwise, he cheered for the Raptors, covered his eyes when they missed a shot or had a free throw, hugged me when they won and booed the other team.

At the end of the game we got to go down even further to sit and listen to some Raptors give speeches. Ben listened a bit and waved as they came out. He went on to the court and did a lay up. He didn't get it in but his team won the free throw competition. He got a hat, a shirt, some candy and his picture taken a billion times by Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment. I will bring the shirt and candy next time. He also met tons of people that he shook hands with, gave five to and said thanks to without prompting.

We are definitely going to go again!


Terrific! Such a great report. I think season tickets are on the agenda!

Sounds like a dream :). I love that they were so accommodating and so glad to hear that Ben had a blast.

One of these days, I'd love to take Andrew to a big, fun venue like that. I think he'd love the philharmonic or something musical, in particular. He is especially responsive to classical music!