Monday, July 4, 2011


Hey you guys!!!

I miss you all so much, but am happy to see everyone having tons of fun!!!

Louise, the picture of Kenold and you, along with that of Ben wearing his shades, are keepers for sure.

Please, tell Ben that I will see him whenever you guys get back --traveling is so exciting and I love the smile on his face. Would you also let Kenold know that, "Although he doesn't need to do book reports any more, I have a great book by Edward Preston, entitled, "Martin Luther King: Fighter for Freedom". Tell him that the book is at his level, and is from the U.S. congress library, but does use the word "Negroes or Coloured" instead of Black as it is an old publication. The author also uses the word "nigger or boy", but as to only show why people--Black and White--fought against it. Its a good read, and as I suspect, "A lot more interesting than Kumon", as I am about halfway through.

Please, above all, would you make sure that he knows that I think of him as a wonderful young man and friend, as would do anything to hurt him. I will always love the fact that Kenold looks upon Ben and I as regular people, as opposed to disabled or crippled.


p.s. I decided not to enroll at George Brown College. We'll talk later! :)