Monday, May 16, 2011

A weekend escape

Joanne Barker wrote to me about a Moms' Camp run by Easter Seals in London, Ontario. "I'm a mom of a special needs child and I can say honestly that the Moms' Get Away Weekend is the one real break I get every year. It really is a chance to connect with other moms that have 'been there.' We let loose a little, get the much need rest we've been missing and build friendships that last."

It sounds like this model would also work well for dads!

Here are a few more details from Joanne:

As a mom, you know that there's never enough time in a day to get all the things done that need doing. As the mom of a child with special needs, that sense of pinching time is only heightened. Between medications, appointments and life, your day may start at dawn and end well after midnight. A break never comes -- not that you regret it cause you love your kids -- but burning out always hovers in the offing.

Moms' Camp is exactly what it sounds like -- a quick getaway for Mom. It starts on a Friday evening and for two glorious days moms who spend 24/7 caring for a child with special needs get a chance to not cook, not plan, not worry and not clean.

Moms' Camp is a-once-a-year chance to enjoy a weekend of rest, relaxation, idea sharing, networking and life experiences with other Easter Seals moms. There are organized activities or you can just sit by the pool, read a book or rest. There's no obligation to participate in activities.

What you're going to find at Moms' Camp is friendships you weren't expecting, people who understand what you're going through, a sizeable support network, and that much needed rest that allows you to be the very best.

This year's camp runs June 10-12 at Woodeden Easter Seals Camp in London. Space is limited to 70 moms and the cost is $70. While the camp is primarily for moms whose children are registered with Easter Seals, all mothers are encouraged to apply.

For more information, click on this registration form or e-mail Joanne at