Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ignoring 'typical' siblings

The New York Times Motherlode blog has an interesting piece today about a family with 4-year-old twin girls who are conjoined (right).

Ignoring 'typical' siblings questions how parents of children with disabilities or medical problems balance the needs of their other children.

You may want to leave a comment about how you do just that -- or try to!

A much longer piece about the twins is the cover story in this weekend's New York Times Magazine. Louise



Thank you for posting this article. It touched a nerve with me today....I wish I had've read this when Savannah's health was declining and Dempsey wasn't getting the attention she so rightly deserved. I still have guilt issues about this even today.

If I had my time over I would certainly admit that I needed more help and find more support so Dempsey could've had more of my attention that she so rightly deserved.

However, in saying that, moments, hours, and day's seem to pass in a blur when you are caring for a disabled child as they must have so much of our attention and love and unfortunately our healthy kids sometime get left to their own devices.

Love your blog!
Diana x

Diana -- you are blameless! I can't even imagine how you survived caring for Savannah and a newborn baby!

I think it's very easy for people outside our world to criticize. On the inside, we simply do the best we can. You were in a crisis/life-or-death situation and that doesn't allow for big-picture planning!

I'm so glad you share your experiences with us! xo