Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BLOOM on NY Times blog!

Part of my recent blog "In each other's eyes, we are enough" was posted on the New York Times Motherlode parenting blog this afternoon.

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A Perfect Baby

Do we all think our babies are perfect? Did nature build us that way? Louise Kinross thinks so. Ms. Kinross’s son Ben was born with a rare chromosomal deletion that makes him look different. In an essay on BLOOM, a Canadian magazine for parents of kids with disabilities, Ms. Kinross, communications manager for the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto, wrote of a moment like the one I just had, staring at a photograph and being surprised by what was captured there. She writes...

Thanks! Louise


Congratulations, Louise! I just knew that piece was going places!

So happy that the NYT shared that beautiful essay with such a wide audience!

Congratulations on this recognition for your wonderful blog and your exceptional and sensitive writing abilities. You have a true gift Louise and I am sure that Ben has enabled much of that.

Hey Louise,

I've been dying to talk to you, but all I can think about is how tried you must be!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Someone at the NY Times must surely knows what they're doing." And, yes, I will be writing a comment in relation to the article at some point. Dare I bask in your glory, for only a moment longer, to leave these parting words, "Your friend and follow blogger, Amy Julia Becker, is now, and forever, in the best of company."


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Congratulations Louise....Bravo! So happy for you that your heartfelt and beautiful writing was acknowledged by such a prestigious organization! So happy to see a fellow parent recognized and empowered in this way. Also so happy to know that your words will benefit so many others! You have enlightened the world!Thank you.

Congratulations Louise,

(Just left this comment below for you on your article on Motherlode. You are a wonderful advocate Louise and the piece is written beautifull.)

Dear Louise,

This is such a beautiful article......I remember feeling the same way as you wrote when we were told in a suffocating geneticists office how our healthy 'normal' 3 year old would turn into a disabled one with death a certain outcome within 3 years....it was gut wrenching. And I remember as her appearance started to change and she drooled and her limbs became contracted, and I dragged her around the stores in a big red wagon...people stared. But in my eyes, as you said, she was perfect.

I'll never forget being in Walmart with our disabled Savannah and our healthy 1 year old Dempsey. A lady came up to me with her son propped up in the cart and asked if her son could say hi to my daughter. Thinking he wanted to say hello to Dempsey, our 'normal' looking child, I dragged her stroller over. No, the mum said, he wants to say hello to your other daughter....

The smile that this boy brought to Savannahs face and the love in his mums eyes towards me touched my heart that day and I'll never forget it. I still cry as I type this.

This little boy and his mother gave Savannah a gift that day...and saw her as beautiful as any other child. A lesson in that for all of us.

Like your beautiful Ben, Savannah's eyes were a window to her soul and said so much, even though she'd lost the ability to speak.

Thank you for sharing this today and for being such an advocate for our precious 'special' children.
Diana Doyle x

Loved, loved, loved it, Louise! So proud to see all of your hard pay off and the attention by the Times. I've read many blogs and magazines and you by far are doing some of the best work out there. We are so happy and proud to know you!