Friday, March 18, 2011

Postcard from Japan: Disability and disaster

Elizabeth Aquino posted a link to this fascinating piece by Suzanne Kamata: Postcard from Japan: Disability and disaster.

Suzanne is the editor of Love You to Pieces: Creative Writers on Raising A Child with Special Needs. Her daughter Lilia has cerebral palsy and is deaf and her family lives in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan.

You can follow Suzanne on her blog at Gaijin Mama.


Thanks for sharing this. Will definitely check out her post. What a sad time that country is going through.

Thanks for sharing Louise , I am praying for the people of Japan my aunt is from Japan and I am praying for her family as well... I am a big fan of Suzanne her book Love You to Pieces helped me so much with how my mother has treated my son and me it's a heartbreaking situation but one of the stories in the book helped me to come to grips with some things... Well I will keep Suzannes family and her daughter in my prayers what a horrible time for Japan I hope things get better really soon....

Welcome LadyAngel -- I hope you will tell us more about your son and your journey. If you email me at with your mailing address, I can send you a copy of the BLOOM magazine. Thanks!