Friday, March 4, 2011

Every Kindergarten Kid Matters

Check out Every Kindergarten Kid Matters, a video campaign to ensure that Ontario's move to full-day kindergarten includes the supports and services needed for children with special needs. The campaign is spearheaded by the Ontario Association of Children's Rehabilitation Centres.


Love it!! I pray the government can also ensure every kid in grades 1 to 12 and beyond also matter and deserve adequate funding for special needs services too.

My daughters is moving to grade 1 this september and I learned yesterday I need to attend a pre-IPRC meeting to ensure both my husband and I have carefully considered all of Ashley's options. We are advocating for full inclusion in her home school for grade one and beyond. The special needs principle wants to ensure we are informed enough of Ashley's options. I believe I may be told the EA support my daughter needs is best met in a community classroom at another school that her brothers and friends don't attend. I'm planning to go to the meeting well prepared. As my daughter is blossoming with full inclusion at her home school right now. Any advice for me.