Friday, March 25, 2011


Happy Birthday! The years go by to fast. I'm not ready for 17 yet. My Ashley is 6 on Sunday I invited too many kids to her party should be lots of fun.

Ahh. Birthdays are the best. Especially birthdays that happen against the odds. Happy Birthday!!

Awwww--happy birthday! I wish him many years of health, happiness, peace and success. And happy birth day to you.

Louise, I hope you'll participate in my video project. Maybe you could also let your readers know so that I can get a good Canadian turn-out as well?

Happy Birthday to dear Ben! Best wishes to all of you.

happy birthday ben! hope to meet you in person one day :-)

I've gotten to know a little of your gentle soul and spunky spirit through your mom's insightful writings! You've been a wonderful gift to all of us. Happy 17th Birthday Ben!!

Thanks for your heartfelt messages. They are really appreciated.

Happy Birthday Ben!! I know I'm very late, but hope you all had a lovely day.

ps I really, really liked finding out the meaning of courage in you previous post, "To tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.", so fitting.