Friday, November 30, 2012

One question Friday

Thanks Anchel -- for submitting this question: "What are some easy things we can do at home to encourage speech?"

I'm working on a tips sheet with our speech folks and will post in the next two weeks. I'll make sure I message you when it's up. Thanks! Louise


Hi Anchel,
Are you referring to speech (as in articulation) or encouraging language for the purpose of communicating? I would suggest the Hanen language resources. Also labelling your house with the names of things like door, chair, fridge can make a difference. Using music along with actions can also be helpful to engage a child while working on communication skills. I used to lie on my back and sit my daughter on my knees and sing the itsy bitsy spider and old macdonald slowly and she loved it. Soon she started repeating single words after me and it was lots of fun. Lastly, I would suggest simply play together on the floor to encourage a child (shared attention). If you are looking for tips about speech production then I'd suggest simple games like blowing bubbles, shooting cheerios into a cup and other oral motor activities that are fun and easy. You may be able to google this topic while waiting two weeks for the Bloorview's tips sheet. All the best!

Those are great! My daughter LOVES music so we will def. incorporate that into our speech efforts!

Hi Louise,
Any tips or hope for those of us who have been doing all of the above for years with little result would be great.

Anchel we took the MORE THAN WORDS course from Hanen and got a huge handbook as well as purchased the DVD. You're welcome to borrow it - just ask Louise to coordinate for us. Even though it was for toddlers with autism it's really great strategies just like anonymous suggested.

@Lucas' Mom - I have that same handbook (I think). It has some great strategies but was just wondering if there was anything else they could suggest? I love that book - easy read, easy to implement ideas (so very needed in our world!) Thank you so much :)