Friday, November 16, 2012

One question Friday

Post questions related to child disability and parenting in the comments below and we will answer one next Friday by going to an expert at Holland Bloorview -- professional or parent.

Fire away!


How do healthcare professionals feel when they meet a family that has waited for months to meet them?
Do HCPs feel there are adequate resources to appropriately assist all the children they assess?

What is the appropriate way to handle a child with special needs who doesn't understand the "rules" of the playroom and throws toys without picking them up. By tagging behind the child constantly telling them not to throw toys, I worry the child is internalizing that everything they do is wrong (always getting in trouble no matter what they do). It is the disability that is preventing the understanding and the sensory issues that are causing the exploratory behaviour. Holland Bloorview is supposed to respect special needs, not reprimand constantly although I understand there are also rules to follow.

I think it would be helpful if you asked a professional and a parent each question. Let's see how similiar or different the answers are. It could make for an interesting dialogue later on.

Thanks for these questions! I can't promise that we will always have a professional and parent respond -- but there will be lots of opportunities for parents to respond in the comments. Check back on Friday!