Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What do you see?

Last month I gave a presentation to medical and research students in the Bloorview Research Institute called What do you see?

In a nutshell, it was about how Ben was seen medically vs. how I saw him, and how important the parent picture is for kids who can't communicate conventionally. I encouraged the students to keep their minds open and flexible and always be examining their stereotypes and preconceptions.

If you want to hear the presentation (sorry, no video available), click above.

Sharing the stage with me was No Ordinary Boy author Jennifer Johannesen, but I don't have her talk uploaded yet. 



I love talking to medical students.

Maybe, I could put something together and accompany you next time?


Hi Matt -- Establish yourself and your 'voice' on a blog and I'm sure you'll get similar requests.

The research institute asked us to speak based on other talks they'd heard.

I loved your talk! Your comment that a human iz (zorry, my keyboard iz dreadfully ill, no letter that comez after "r") zo much bigger than their diabilitiez iz excellent. Thank you for explaining how practitionerz can talk with familiez to zupport the love they have for their child and for hope they cling to that their child can live a happy, fullfilling life...however it might unfold. Theze ztudentz were very fortunate to experience your influence. Many, many thankx!