Friday, June 29, 2012

Ian Brown on The case for imperfection

The Boy in the Moon author Ian Brown gave a brilliant talk at Holland Bloorview last week. He captivated everyone. You must check out this short clip.

I am off for three weeks and one of the places I'm visiting is the L'Arche community that Ian speaks about in France.

My student Megan will be covering for me while I'm gone.

Happy summer! Louise


Oh, lucky you! I cannot wait to hear about L'Arche and wish that I might be there with you! Have a safe and wonderful time!

There are many, many people who do not think Mr. Ian Brown deserves the attention he receives.

The last comment surprised me. I checked on the computer to see what has been written. This is what I found. There seems to be some really good points.
It's nice that the summer holidays are here now. Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back Louise!

Louise Thanks so much for arranging the talk - I really enjoyed the evening.
Enjoy your trip!

To anonymous number 1 - I don't think one can comment on a talk one hasn't seen.

Re the commentary of Marilyn Dolmage: I found Ian's book gave a much fuller sense of the light and dark he experienced with his son. No one stands still. I don't believe anyone at the BLOOM talk for a second questioned the profound love he has for his son.


Unfortunately, many people did not have the benefit of hearing Ian Brown speak, as part of the BLOOM Speaker Series. The only thing any one can do now is, "Read his book and decide for themselves." And although we can show compassion by trying to understand someone else's perspective or circumstances, we must also realize that sometimes, "Love isn't enough."

Matt Kamaratakis