Monday, December 12, 2011

Advocacy in an unfamiliar culture

Getting your child with disabilities services can be a challenge. But imagine going to bat for your child in a language you don't understand? And what if you didn't feel comfortable talking openly about your child's disability? These are just some of the barriers facing parents in the Canadian Somali community says Shukri Farah (above) in another BLOOM clip.



What is the Resourse Centre doing to help families with language barriers?

Moreover, sharing concerns or talking about disability is tough for any parent, regardless of nationality. However, I do believe that the stigma of raising a disabled child is much more harsh in the third world. Truth be told, "Many of these parents have taken unimaginable risks in immigrating to Canada." Therefore, we should be telling them, "You've already shown great love for your child by coming here today. Please, tell me what you need --in any way you can. For, in this place we call Holland Bloorview, 'Shame doesn't exist'"

If someone is willing to find some interprets, I am willing to do some writing, research or make a few calls.

Matt Kamaratakis