Saturday, April 9, 2011


Ben looks like he is the master of his own ship!♥

I hope things went okay, Louise. *hugs*

You rock Ben! hugs to you and your amazing mom!

Hey Louise!!!

I wanted to comment last night, but being an uncle brings welcomed responsibles or as like to think of them, "Labours of love."

Okay, first off, may I just say, "I love it when I'm right!" Second, whomever looks upon the prevailing pictures of this post, without realizing Ben's brillance, can go jump in the lake. Third, when I come by, you must tell me who every is. What a wonderful day to remember and cherish. Ben is the man!!!


What an honour it was to be part of Ben's planning day. And what a wonderful idea. What I loved the most was the focus on Ben and the energy that was created around him just by everyone being together. Thanks so much.

Thanks so much everyone for your kind messages and support! It was an incredible opportunity and something I would recommend highly.

Looks like a great day!! Look forward to being part of the next planning day. Way to go Ben & Louise.