Friday, April 1, 2011

'I'm a good person'

Last night Ben and I added three qualities to the 'Backpack' section of his iPad, which he'll use at his upcoming passport session (to plan his life).

Proloquo doesn't have an image of a suitcase, which is what this section is actually called, so we improvised with a backpack.

This section focuses on strengths and positive qualities the person brings with them. I wrote out a number of descriptors and asked him to pick which ones he thought captured his strengths (e.g. kind, Star Wars collector, loves reading, computer whiz).

This is what he picked, in this order.

"Funny." "Smart." "Gentle." (He made it clear that he was only going to choose three qualities because of his limited interest in programming them into the device).

D'Arcy and I felt these described Ben to a 'T' and were so touched.

"Ben is smart," D'Arcy said. "But it's an unconventional smart. I wish more people could see that."

The day before we looked at the 'My story' section and in response to: "What would it be important for people to know about you?" Ben signed "I'm a good person."


Such a lovely and very touching post.

Oh. What a beautiful and most heartfelt post! In many ways, I feel like I know Ben through your writing. And although this can't count for much (via internet) I do see that Ben does indeed have unconventional intelligence. I'm not surprised that Ben is a good person. Look who's modeling goodness for him! ;) ♥

I'd love to meet Ben! He sounds so cool and he's a proloquo user.. just like my girl.

Dear Louise and D'Arcy,

"Funny, smart, and gentle" are also the words which I would use to describe Ben. For, when I was blessed to share just, but a few moments with him during March break, I found a friend and kindred spirit.

We first sat in the lounge of Holland Bloorview, where you, Ben and I watched television. As we were sitting on the couch, your son was holding a book cover which he could not put down, as he was in the middle, stuck between us. After glancing to his left at me, and looking your way, he decides to where that same book cover as a hat. I smiled and you laughed. This was funny.

Afterwards, we moved from the lounge to the foya, where Ben not only stoped, allowing me to catch up, but he found a spot where we could once again sit together. This was a good call and very smart.

While sitting on the bench, in the foya of Holland Bloorview, near the entrance, Ben, ever so caring, reaches out for one of my crutches. I, in turn, wholeheartedly and curiously relinquish this crutch to him. Not knowing what to think or except, as I am merely wishing that he doesn't hurt himself, I receive the gift of acceptence. For, it is in this precise moment that Ben wears my crutch as I would. He grips the handle as tight as he can and looks at me. I gaze back and see myself through his eyes. This is more than gentle. This is Ben, a angel, if not a king, amongst mortals, and someone whom I will forever cherish.


When I read things like this, I wonder why we worry about our children at all!

Thanks everyone for your kind messages!

Thanks for sharing the story about the crutch Matt!

He's so very positive! What a wonderful guy. I love his spirit.