Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't forget to sign up for summer camp!

We just printed this poster with tips on how to look for summer camps for children with disabilities in Ontario. Because these camps fill up so quickly, it's important to do your search now! Here's the copy below. Louise


• Start early – many camps fill up by February

• Use the camp search engine

• Attend a local camp fair, such as the Camps Expo in Toronto

• Ask friends/family for ideas

• Check brochures in Holland Bloorview's Family Resource Centre or at your community centre.


• Ask your child about their interests

• Read camp brochures together

• Does your child want to

Have fun

Make friends

Do new activities

Experience nature?

• Will the camp support your child’s interests and special needs?


• Call the camp director or integration specialist to discuss your child’s needs

• Many camps and community centres have inclusion policies

• The camp may help arrange for a 1:1 support worker for your child, or you can hire a worker through the CHAP program

• Speak to the camp director about staff experience with children with special needs, and staff-to-camper


• Some camps offer subsidies or can apply for funding on your behalf. Speak to the camp director

• Municipal parks and recreation departments offer camp subsidies for children in financial need

• Funding sources are listed in our Family Resource Centre or talk to your social worker.


• Check deadlines

• Ask to visit the camp, or to have staff meet your child at home

• Submit your application, including emergency contacts and all information that will help staff
better understand your child.


already wow... funding I should look into I think my girl would love so excitement this summer how can I deny her of that.