Monday, December 27, 2010

iPad app recommendations

I'd love to hear your suggestions for iPad educational apps.

Anything related to reading, phonics, writing stories or basic math.



If you don't already follow Babies With iPads I would recommend it, on Facebook as well as her blog, there's also Moms with Apps.

Oh my God --you and D'Arcy got Ben an iPad!!! I could kiss you guys!

Okay, I don't know of any educational apps off the top of my head that would help Ben, but I can browse the App store on the web. Moreover, I, like you, am not ready to give up on Ben's education, so I've come up a few idea's that might help him. However, and you're not going to believe this, the thing or person that could help Ben the most is "Sara, your web designer and Blogger. Truth to told, it could help me too.

Is there a good time to come by, as my heart is always in the right place, but I have the worst timing in the world!


There's a great comprehensive list (pdf) of iPad, iPodTouch, and iPhone apps for special education online it's here,%20iPad%20and%20iPod%20Touch%20Apps%20for%20Special%20Education.pdf

I'm not sure who complied the list but it's an awesome resource. ;)

Thanks everyone for these ideas. I'll check them out. Matt, I'll message you when Sara and I are back at work. Thanks!

We have a list of apps by curriculum area that my school uses. Maybe some would be good for Ben. You can find it here:
I update it as we get new apps that we like. Hope this list is helpful.

This is something I need to explore. I haven't had any experience with the iPad, but I recently read this article about an app developed by a father for his son for communication and I realized this might be something my son who has multiple disabilities might find useful. I'll be checking out the resources others post here. Thanks.