Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Father's Network

I found an exquisite American website devoted to fathers of children with chronic illness and developmental disabilities.  It's called The Father's Network.

The content is powerful -- although many of the stories were written in the 1990s. This would be a fabulous place for the dad of a newly-diagnosed child to gain support and understanding and perspective.

Check out the numerous stories in the archives.

I've already looked up one of the authors to see if he'll write an update for us on his experience with his son, and have contacted the organization to find out more about it.

Too often the father's voice in the world of childhood disability is missing (or perhaps simply not sought out). I encourage you to read these stories. Let us know if you have other recommended reading by fathers of children with disabilities. Thanks! Louise


Louise, there are several dads blogging about raising children with special healthcare needs. There's Single Dad, Blogzilly and Big Daddy Autism (all sites are on my blogroll). Thank you for the link!