Friday, July 23, 2010

This and that

This is a grainy pic because Ben is a speed demon on his rehab bike and doesn't slow down -- even for photographers.

I was contacted by Catherine Calhoun who volunteer manages the RARE blog for the Children's Rare Disease Network. This is a fabulous resource with lots of firsthand stories from parents.

Parents helping kids and kids helping parents, a meet in the middle was an interesting post about how we can lose sight of what's most important when therapy dominates our lives.

Many of you are already familiar with Enjoying the small things, a blog by Florida mom and photographer Kelle Hampton. Kelle shares life with her two young daughters through stunning photography and words. She just received a national media award for her work at the National Down Syndrome Congress in Orlando.

This is a delightful interview of a mother by her 12-year-old son with Asperger's on Story Corps.

We welcome guest blogs so please send me your ideas (!


When I saw Ben's picture, and read your description of him being a speed demon, I had to smile. What kid isn't a speed demon on a bike when he gets going?! LOL!

Great links BTW. I love Kelle Hampton's blog very much. I don't know if she fully realizes how important her blog is to the world at large and how people with Down syndrome fit into it as naturally as anyone else. :)

She deserves to be commended!

Hey Louise,

This is a great picture of Ben, but what I love must is the fact that he didn't slow down for the shot!!! Although I know that Ben won't hurt anyone, no matter how fast he goes, I hope every adult gets the heck out of his way, as he is being to believe!!!

I also wanted to run some thoughts or ideas past you. For instance, with regards to your blog, entitled, "Small world!", I still love and think of it as a stroke of genius, and do not wish for it to lost or forgotten in the shuffle. Therefore, the next time this website is updated, could there possibly be an area where people are free to leave their names and the cities in which they live -- something similar to "Your Lettes", which is one of the categories above. Afterwards, once you have compiled enough entries, you may use your beloved out of box thinking and artistic talents to create something utterly spectacular -- I would also love to do what I can to help.

Futhermore, despite being a one trick pony, as my only talent is writing, I love the principle and concept behind filmpossible. Although I belive this to be a pilot project, I hope that this is the the first of many wonderful years for this contest. For, we all know that filmpossible is far more precious than any monetary prize.

Please, may we never stop turning disability into possibility.

Yours truly,

Matt Kamaratakis

Hi Lianna -- I'm always eager to see what photos Kelle will have on next. Her blog has a massive reach and it sounds like she she'll have more and more opportunities to speak publicly.

Hi Matt -- I'm not sure if there will be another filmpossible -- hopefully if we get lots of great entries this time.

We'll look into the idea of a place to have readers sign in and leave their city. I wish more people had done so on the Small world blog.

Thanks for writing!