Friday, May 14, 2010

He ate a donut

Ben has been at Bloorview a little over two weeks since his second surgery and he finally seems to have turned a corner.

He had an x-ray which showed the second hip hardware intact -- despite being taken out of the cast a number of times to clean his wound -- and his incision is almost healed.

He's still not eating normally. No meals. He'll occasionally take a cherry or a cracker. But today he bowled us over by eating an entire vanilla-dip donut. When I repositioned him in bed later his sheets were filled with coloured sprinkles.

He's bored and watching far too much TV. He's able to go to school for an hour or two each day, which is about how long he can stay in his reclining wheelchair. We were able to sit in Spiral Garden this afternoon and he promptly fell into a deep sleep (above).

The man in the photo is my amazing husband D'Arcy, who takes the night shift with Ben every night. I would never sleep a wink at the hospital and he knows it. So he does. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Thanks so much for your support and well wishes!


I'm glad to read that things are looking up for Ben. Yay for donuts!!!! Time goes by way to slowing when you at the hospital I hope Ben will be heading home soon.

Wonderful news! You and your husband are both amazing, as is your boy Ben. Hope things continue improving!

Dearest Louise,

May this piece not only stand as an infinite reminder of Ben's indomitabe spirit, but also to the beauty, strength, and love which will forever bond and unite your family.

Sharing tears of joy,

Matt Kamaratakis

What a wonderful update!!!

Ben AND D'Arcy look good, Louise, despite "hospital living"!

It is very good to hear that Ben is on the road of recovery, and even getting in some school time! I think that shows a lot of perseverance.

Great update!

D'Arcy looks great as always. Hugs to him and you and Ben.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and support!