Friday, May 28, 2010

Gardening program brings nature in

I wanted to share this picture of Ben and I which our wonderful photographer William took the other day. As you can see, Ben is smiling again. He's being weaned from his pain meds and saying goodbye to some of their nasty side-effects. He's becoming much more like himself and enjoying the activities at Bloorview.

Last night he and D'Arcy did some gardening on the third floor terrace of the complex-continuing care unit (CCC). He planted beans and built a lattice for them to grow on. Think about that for a second. Ben is on the unit for orthopedic rehab, but a gardening program was taking place for kids with the most complex medical conditions -- many of them using ventilators -- on the other side of the building, and Ben joined in.

The kids on the CCC unit require nursing care and arranging a trip outside is challenging. So the garden is brought to them. One minute they're on a hospital floor and the next they're on the terrace, with the sun on their skin, tending a garden and experiencing nature. A raised bed allows kids to wheel up to and access the soil from their chairs. Isn't that brilliant?


That is so brilliant. In fact, I just can't believe it -- you are all so advanced up there -- it really seems as if you are in a place of healing as opposed to sickness.

Hey Louise,

It's absolutely wonderful to see you and Ben smiling. And, yes, "Anything or anyone which thinks and operates beyond the status quo, bettering the lives of patients and their families, is brilliant --plant away!"

Anyhow, I finally was granted a consultation with a knee and hip specialist for this Friday. Needless to say, "I have mixed feeling, but will be thinking of some truly wonderful people on this day, such as, Alex, John Kody, Ben and you."

Thanks for everything,

Matt Kamaratakis