Thursday, April 22, 2010

'Thank you' will never be enough

In 2008, Ontario gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel was on track to compete with the Canadian team in the 2012 Olympics when she broke her neck while attempting a difficult dismount. Taylor, now 16 above, spent 18 months in rehabilitation at Bloorview Kids Rehab and recently wrote and read this tribute to the nurses who worked with her as a goodbye gift. It speaks to the invaluable role our nurses play! Thank you Taylor for sharing with us and congratulations on being home!

The words 'thank you' will never be enough
By Taylor Lindsay-Noel

Somewhere down Kilgour, there is a little place called Bloorview,
I’ve been there 18 months and I have sure enjoyed the view.

I have met a lot of people, some nicer than the rest,
but there is one thing I can say, their staff is by far the best.

The nurses of this hospital have seen me grow and mature,
and it is hard to say goodbye, I’ll miss them for sure.

But enough with the sappy stuff, it’s time to lighten up,
let’s discuss all of those nurses I’ve grown to love so much.

First comes Danielle, that funny energetic gal,
she’s so fun to be around, and she’ll always be my pal.

Diane, oh Diane, we bonded in the kitchen,
we laughed and joked and she showed me she’s still a spring chicken.

Bev, what to say, she’s one of the most down to earth people I know,
when it comes to enjoying life, she is definitely a pro.

Who could forget the infamous Grandma Josie,
she’s always willing to lend a hand and to make you feel cozy.

Next we have Anna, we never got into a scuffle,
I’ll miss her good manners and I’ll miss her Asian Shuffle.

Vee, Virpal Gill, she’s kind, thoughtful and slim,
and she’ll be the perfect nurse when she decides to hit the gym.

Let’s see who’s next, Nasteho of course,
she’s amazing, fun to hang with, and she’s as strong as a horse.

Then comes Michelle, you’ll never catch her in a quarrel,
but if you want to see her mad, just ask her to say SQUIRREL!

Bola, Bola, Bola, Bloorview’s African Beauty,
loved by all and missed when not on duty.

Glenn, O-M-G, that loveable teddy bear,
one of his funniest moments is when he tried combing my hair.

Who's next, of course Sarah who I have most on nights,
she is a pleasure to be around and she’ll make your day bright.

Luz so gentle, so warm, so polite,
she is definitely one to go to when you need good advice.

Auntie Glennis comes next, Bloorview’s residential mom,
she’s loving, huggable, and knows how to keep people calm.

Shawna, she’s spunky, she’s unique and she’s loveable,
her personality is envied by most and she has proven that she is noble.

Melissa is one of those nurses who is guaranteed to make you smile,
she is a person you want as a friend, a nurse you can definitely trust with a child.

All of these nurses who I adore, nonetheless,
but let’s get on with this poem and see who comes next.

Jhanina, oh Jhanina, a water-pusher some patients might say,
I was so deprived from her loving when she was so far away.

Hilary, that girl is a big ball of fun,
she is a pleasure to hang out with, and I’ll miss her a ton.

Carolynn that sweetheart never sees work as a chore,
she’s hardworking, creative and I wish I saw her more.

Lindsay is funny, vigorous, and an overall delight,
and when she’s around you, you won’t want her to leave your sight.

Then comes our singer, her name is Lisa,
she gets a kick out of scaring me, but boy I am going to miss yah!

Tina, my lord how she could make people laugh,
with her on the staff, this place is first class.

Romayne, Romayne I love her so dear,
but the nurses will never forgive her for creating those damn bunny ears!

Next we have Joy, she is a fun-loving character,
she always told me right from wrong and loved playing with my straightener.

Cheryl, she is so out-going, fun and fiery,
and we both enjoy watching our ‘fave’ show V Diaries.
Tracey that jokester knows how to keep the fun flowing,
she’s spontaneous, amazing and no matter what she is always glowing.

Charlotte, she’s a nurse I’ll keep close to my heart,
and when it’s time so goodbye, it’ll be hard for us to part.

Through the hard times, the good times and all in between,
these nurses have proved they are far above supreme.

Their love, their spirit and all of their dedication,
have made it so hard for me to leave this location.

Through my time here at Bloorview I’ve made a lot of friends,
and I am so sad that my time here has come to an end.

To the nurses the words thank-you will never be enough,
and it’s time for me to say goodbye, although it’s so tough.


Congratulations to Taylor!!! I know first hand that the team of nurses at Bloorview are amazing, caring, and dedicated. This poem was so sweet.

I could not agree more!! U r amazingly inspiring! And I wish u well!
I have to agree that Auntie Glennis...BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! In every sense of the word! <3 ya!
~Patricia Chaulk

What a beautiful girl and touching poem. Looks like she has a bright future ahead of her.

I love you blog by the way I'm not sure why I didn't know about it sooner. I hope your son feeling better.

Mom to my special girl Ashley