Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seeing ourselves in media

Happy Wednesday!

Here are some interesting items about film, TV and news related to disability or difference.

"When Carl Met George" is a new storyline in the PBS television show Arthur that features Carl, above left, a new friend of George's who has Asperger syndrome. The first episode aired April 5. Did anyone see it? Tell us what you thought!
Tying Your Own Shoes is a beautiful, animated documentary about the lives of four adult artists who have Down syndrome. This Canadian film "combines self-portraits with first-person narratives to challenge widely-held stereotypes." Read more or purchase it at the link. My wonderful friend Madeleine shared it with me.
Six men and women speak about living with an autism-spectrum disorder in this New York Times Patient Voices series.
A new study of people with facial paralysis related to Moebius syndrome finds that people with the disorder had no trouble at all recognizing others’ expressions. Lead researcher Kathleen Bogart, who has the syndrome, talks about the study in: Seeking Emotional Clues without Facial Cues.


I also just heard about The Specials... a documentary about 5 teens with Down Syndrome... very good!

The PBS show "Maya and Miguel" has a character named Andy who has a left below elbow amputation and doesn't wear a prosthetic arm and is great at sports!