Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quick Flix: A dad and son drop the language of 'can't'

In the first of our Quick Flix video series, Gerardo Cappelli talks about how parents of kids with disabilities often get stuck on what their child can't do. They may view adapted ways of skiing or doing other things as less valuable than conventional ways. Gerardo and his teenage son Julian talk about how they adapt activities so everyone gets in on the fun.

Quick Flix is a BLOOM series of short clips about parenting, disability and health. Get ready to hear from parents, people with disabilities, clinicians, researchers, authors and other experts to help you on your parenting journey.


Makes sense to me! When I a kid, my mom use to say, "I don't that word." Then, I would walk into what is presently today Holland Bloorview and find some answers --or die trying!

Never Surrender!!!