Friday, April 15, 2016

'I feel like a castaway:' 10-year-old boy with autism

The National Autism Association posted this poem written by a 10-year-old boy  on its Facebook page. "He was asked to write a poem for school titled 'I Am,' his mother wrote. "He was given the first two words of each sentence. This is what he wrote."


What a fantastic poem!

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Thank you so much for sharing my son's poem! #ODDTOO

I wish that I knew autism like I do physical disability. And, I would never discourage anyone from being themselves. "For, it those whom see the world differently, who are most likely to change it for the better." Learning about social norms, or being accepted by others, takes time for anyone with a disability. Figure out what works for you. Then, you won't be odd or new. You'll just be, "YOU!"

You will always belong!!!

Matt Kamaratakis