Thursday, October 5, 2017

Media roundup

By Louise Kinross

Goodness, we haven't done this for a long time. Below are some recent stories related to disability, parenting and health.

But first, many of you follow Meriah at With A Little Moxie. Meriah writes about parenting three kids, including one with Down syndrome, from her perspective as a mom who is deaf and lives with her family off the grid. Two days ago, Meriah posted this story called Divorce. Usually I can tell what a piece is about from the headline. But in this case, I was flummoxed. Over the years, Meriah had always included her husband, who appeared an involved partner and dad, in her writing and photos.

In Divorce, Meriah shares the story that was going on behind her posts. It was an important reminder to me of how off-base we can be about what's really happening in people's lives when we follow them on social media. It made me think about the ways I "curate" my own content.

And it made me think about how often, instead of connecting people in a real way, social media presents a sliver of the life we believe others "want" to see. We know our own posts aren't a balanced picture, but we tend to assume that others' are. And that can make us envious, less likely to connect, and more likely to keep churning out our own versions of fantasy land.

If we missed a good story below, please post the link in the comments! Louise

Virtual tour: Daniels' Accessibility Program Daniels Home is making accessible units in its condos that include a roll-in shower and balcony, hand-held shower faucet, power-operated door rough-in, wider doors, and additional wheeling room in the bathroom. These features are standard and at no extra cost. Residents pay for adapted kitchen features. These units look gorgeous! Bravo to Daniels!

Finding myself on the page The New York Times

Disabled people have to apply for 60% more jobs than non-disabled people before finding one The Independent

Will he be the driven one, or the driver? Love That Max

Raising a child with disabilities has taught me true kindness Good Housekeeping interview with Anu Nadella, wife of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, whose book Hit Refresh includes the story of raising his son with severe cerebral palsy.

Reflections on what I don't have to think about anymore Jennifer Johannesen

Playing the online dating game in a wheelchair The New York Times

Ontario boosting nursing, personal support in major expansion of home care Ontario newsroom

'I don't think employers see what disabled people can do' The Guardian

A hospital bullies a physician and threatens termination because of her disability KevinMD

For children with severe anxiety, drugs and therapy work best NPR

Toronto hospital aims to reduce stigma of youth with disabilities Global News (our Dear Everybody campaign)

Guelph man turns house into group home for his son Guelph Mercury

Suicidal tendencies hard to spot in some people with autism Spectrum

Ad leaders start push to employ people with disabilities AdAge

'I don't need to walk to live' The New York Times

Arresting disabled bodies New Republic

The catastrophic diagnosis: A photo essay Family Voices of CA

'Autism hour' helps cut shopping stress BBC News

'So B. It' has pluck, charm and a muddy message about disability The New York Times

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