Friday, May 15, 2015

BLOOM media roundup

Here are some recent stories related to disability, parenting and health. If we missed a good one, please post in the comments. Thanks!

A life in motion, stopped cold The New York Times

Video about a Brazilian who learns she's qualified for aerial skiing in the next Winter Olympics from an ICU bed after breaking her neck in a skiing accident.

Social media campaign aims to increase profile of Canadian research The Globe and Mail

Research2Reality is a $400,000 social-media campaign shining a spotlight on the work of academic researchers at six universities across Canada, including the University of Toronto. Follow their video series.

Sex, lives and disabilities Science 2.0

"Disabled people's sexuality has been suppressed, exploited and, at times, destroyed over many centuries. It has been seen as suspect, set apart and different from the sexuality of non-disabled people." This piece looks at the move toward sexual rights for people with disabilities.

'On the Move' by Oliver Sacks The New York Times Sunday Book Review

Author Andrew Solomon writes: "The emergent field of narrative medicine, in which a patient’s life story is elicited in order that his immediate health crisis may be addressed, in many ways reflects Sacks’ belief that a patient may know more about his condition than those treating him do, and that doctors’ ability to listen can therefore outrank technical erudition."

Holograms of disabled people appear if you try to park in their space Digital synopsis

Projections of a real disabled person pop up every time a non-disabled driver tries to park in a disabled spot in this Russian mall. 

The life of Barbara Turnbull, in her own words The Toronto Star

An ebook written by Barbara Turnbull, who died on Sunday, described her physical and psychological battles and the lessons she learned after the shooting that left her a quadriplegic 30 years ago.

Patient care for children with intellectual disabilities can be improved Global News

Research at IWK Health Centre looks at how stigma in hospital affects care of ‪kids with intellectual disability.

Pilot project to give cash to Ontario patients for self-directed home care The Globe and Mail

Patients or caregivers will receive money to purchase services they choose after a scathing report on Ontario's home care.

The case for more black doctors The New York Times

"For now we have to attack the problem of racial health disparities from as many angles as possible. Black doctors are an important part of this mission."

Film review: Where Hope Grows Variety

A drama about a fallen-from-grace baseball player who needs a shot at redemption, and a young grocery clerk who could use a best buddy while dealing with Down syndrome.

Halifax hospitals replacing flower beds with vegetables CBC

Vegetables will replace flowers, shrubs and even the lawn outside 10 different hospitals. The facilities will work with food banks, community groups and restaurants to find hungry people for their home-grown food (what about the patients?).

And finally, on Sunday May 17, hop over to The New York Times' Motherlode blog to read this piece running that day:  "Come read a different kind of tech story, about a mother who thought a 3D printed prosthetic arm would be perfect for her 8-year-old, and a son who thinks his arm is perfect just the way it is."