Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Want to know how dads feel? Watch this film

By Louise Kinross

It's not often you hear fathers of children with disabilities talk candidly about their child's diagnosis and how they reacted emotionally to it. But in Do It Differently, Scott Phillips sought out four dads with kids with autism and created an environment, maybe because it was dad-to-dad (Scott also has a child with autism), where they felt comfortable. The result is an exquisite, hour-long documentary where dads bare their souls. "We said 'why us,' as well as 'what did we do?'" recounts one of them. This is a must-see for every dad, and for every mom who felt their partner didn't 'get it' the way she did. You can watch it for free on YouTube or buy a DVD at Fan Blade Films. "For all fathers who feel lost, scared, and helpless I hope the film...inspires you to want to do more for your child who is different than you expected," says director Scott Phillips. "You are not alone."