Monday, March 2, 2015

BLOOM media roundup

Disabled by design Slate
"We inhabit a culture that perpetuates the idea that disability lies in bodies rather than in design." Fascinating.

Disabled Girls Talk podcast on friendship Tumblr

I am loving this dialogue between two young American women with disabilities, one visible, one invisible. This piece is about how disability affects friendships. If you haven't heard Maddy and Emily, you're missing out.

StopGap: How this innovative Toronto business is making the city more accessible The Globe and Mail

Amazing video of Luke Anderson, the man behind storefront ramps that are making Toronto more accessible. Luke's life changed in a second when he sustained a spinal-cord injury in a mountain-biking accident.

When the system fails The New York Times

"In the overwhelming apparatus that medicine has become, sometimes the patient gets lost. So does the doctor." This is a heartbreaking tale from a primary doctor about a patient who fell through the cracks.

Deaf or death? In drug trial, parents weigh life vs hearing loss The Wall Street Journal

Hearing loss is one side effect of a drug in clinical trials to see if it extends the life of children with Niemann Pick Type C, a cholesterol metabolism disorder.

Mattia Luparia, the Jackson Pollock of the wheelchair Global Observatory for Inclusion

This young Italian artist uses a wheelchair with paint brushes and rollers attached. Great video with his father and samples from his art collection.

The MIT science club for disabled children PriceonomicsIn the late 1940s Quaker Oats funded an MIT study that involved feeding 40 children with developmental disabilities cereal with radioactive tracers.

Rick's Rant: Fighting veterans Rick Mercer Report

A friend of Rick's who lost both legs in Afghanistan must get a doctor's note every year proving that his limbs haven't grown back.

Working wisdom: How workers with disabilities give companies an edge The Globe and Mail

A look at the business advantages to hiring people with physical and mental disabilities.

London school board failed in response to sexual assault, jury finds The Toronto Star

A London, Ont. jury has found a school board failed in its response to the sexual assault of a female student with a developmental disability in a high school washroom five years ago.

Ableism, community living and the myth of independence, The Caregivers' Living Room blog

"Recently, I've seen a trend that worries me. Social media disability support groups are commonly hosting conversations in which independence is trumpeted as an aspiration. That's okay, except that independence is simultaneously being presented as the most necessary ingredient to human worth."

FIXED trailer

"People should think of disability as another human experience that embodies qualities of human adaptability that are common to all people whether they have a specific disability or not."

A boy and his dog trailer

About the impact of a dog on a British boy with a rare genetic disorder.


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