Friday, February 6, 2015

Get your kid active at Variety Village

By Louise Kinross
Check out this video of Rick Mercer spending a day at Variety Village, the fitness and sports club in Scarborough, Ont. for people with and without disabilities.

Variety Village’s physical design, accessible equipment and welcoming culture make it easy for kids and adults of all abilities to enjoy exercising.

Now the club is offering families who receive services at Holland Bloorview a great deal: a free four-month membership to children aged four to 12 years and two free programs—or a subsidized annual membership to families of children with disabilities.

E-mail Lindsay Mulock at to learn more. The offer ends Feb. 28!


For those parents who are thinking, "How am I suppose to pick-up my kid from school, take them to physio, and then a recreational activity?", have no fear, as there are weekend programs.

Nonetheless, if a child wishes to do something during the week, parents no longer have to choose between therapy and physical activity, as there is a private paediatric clinic on the premises. Ask for "Stephanie So." Funding for therapy can be obtained through the Ashley Foundation. The way I see it, "Your kids can do both."

Stephanie will also see adults with disabilities, but, unfortunately, this is not funded.

Rates are as follows:

$55 for 30 minutes
$110 for an hour

Matt kamaratakis

Hi Everyone,

It's me again. Variety Village isn't merely a sports and fitness centre, as it has dedicated staff and wonderful ties within the community. So, just out of curiosity, "How many parents would like to see their kid go zip-lining?"