Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Good Morning,

For the past few months, we have seen continual signs of how amazing Jacob's recovery has been.....and I keep wanting to send an update to all of you. We still cannot thank you enough for everything you did for Jacob while he was under your care. From the Drs/Nurses to the Physio/Occupational Therapists, Support staff etc etc etc...We are so appreciative for it all, and know that Jacob's determination along with your knowledge, care and concern is what has brought him so far so quickly.

Music is a huge part of Jacob's life, and you may have had this proud Mama showing you his youtube videos, or playing his original tunes for you....I am so grateful that he is still able to make music! Jacob has now released his first single on iTunes, called "My Mistake" under the band name "MLIA" (My Life is Average....though I think he should change the acronym to My Life is Amazing!). I hope you have the opportunity to listen (youtube link is:,and the iTunes link is: You can also download his song and support his music (only $.99!!!). Attached is a picture of Jacob performing the song at the song-writers retreat he attended this summer.

Another milestone is that Jacob was 15 when the accident happened and turned 16 while at Bloorview. Obviously he was quite anxious about getting his license the day he turned 16, and obviously that could not happen. This week was a good one in this regard - on Monday Jacob wrote the learners permit test, and in the mail the same day was the clearance letter from the Ministry lifting the suspension! So our journey has transitioned into the scary world of parents teaching a teenager to We are so happy that his life is now officially "back to normal", and again, are so appreciative of everyone's contributions to his speedy recovery.

Please pass this on to all of the staff involved in/may remember Jacob's case if possible.

Again, thank you for everything and God Bless you for the work that you do!

Patsi Szabo

Thank you Patsi! I have forwarded your message to management and asked them to share with staff who worked with your family. Thrilled to hear that your son is thriving!