Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Filmmaker Kelly O'Brien on grief, siblings and honesty

A recent BLOOM night focused on filmmaker Kelly O'Brien and a screening of Softening, her film about raising her son Teddy, who was born with brain damage and a grim prognosis. 

Softening is a candid story about a mother's love and pain, a sister's magical bond, a father's joy and devotion and a little boy's experience of the world. This Youtube clip is a portion of an interview we did with Kelly following the film. 

A condensed version of Softening that focuses on Teddy and his sister Emma was posted on The New York Times. Thank you Kelly!


Loved this film and the portrait of this family
So sad I missed the evening

Wow, thank you for posting this. I found everything that Kelly said so helpful. I felt & feel all the same things that she said so it was so nice to see that what I have felt is a "normal" response. She had some great insights that help me and I'm sure will help other parents - thank you. The film is just beautiful and touching and is a wonderful gift you've given.