Monday, August 12, 2013

We call this 'zoo camp'

When we walked in to Nova's Ark camp this morning there was a large black pig sleeping on the lawn beside a pen with dozens of guinea pigs. 

Ben saw the guinea pigs and was fascinated. 

He spent the day on this farm east of Toronto, checking out the snakes, zebras, a camel, a monkey, lemurs, miniature horses and a large tortoise called Thor.

He asked if he could bring one of the guinea pigs home and the owner said he had to ask me. I guess we'll do a little research on guinea pigs first. 


What fun -- it's so good to see Ben here, looking strong and happy.

These are the good "feel good" posts, love them. (My husband adds, "they eat guinea pigs in Peru - they breed them" - he spent a summer there on a dig 3 yrs ago!) LOL

Guinea pigs are lovely pets ... easy to care for, interactive, and gentle. Consider getting two ... they really do best with a cage mate, and it is fun to watch them interact with one another.