Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A circus performer adapts to life with paralysis

Carolyn Pioro talks candidly about the physical and social aspects of adapting to quadriplegia. Carolyn mesmerized everyone with her honesty and grace. Thank you Carolyn! Louise


Is the video working? I'd love to watch...

It's working on my computers -- just click on the triangle.

I'm so busy with my daughter's care that I've only been able to watch a few minutes so far, but am already impressed with how extremely valuable this interview is---my sincere thanks in advance to both of you.

While I wasn't able to get this to come up on the Bloom site, I was able to view the clip on YouTube. Thanks for posting it there as well.

This was a powerful interview with outstanding content for a wide audience. I am grateful to Carolyn and Louise for sharing this. You ladies leave me with so much to think about.

There are many key insights I'm still mulling over, but the one that stands out is the importance of letting go of the past. For me as a parent of a child with multiple disabilities, depression had its strongest hold when I compared what I expected (my imagined "past") with our actual experience. Letting go of those old expectations freed me up to spend energy on new ways to pursue different dreams. I appreciate Carolyn's perspective on this and Louise's ability to bridge it with the parenting experience.

Thanks again, ladies. This was powerful.