Friday, May 3, 2013


I liked how she and Patch feel strongly about including Kilee in the community and that we should bring our children to restaurants, to public swimming, etc. even if they do "clear the table" or scratch their crotch in public. It's important for people to see that all of our children belong in our communities. Also I appreciated how she took the power in her home and fired the therapist who they felt was judging them. As she said, they are the ones getting up 5-6X/night and changing the sheets, etc. They live it 24/7.

Question for Silken: What do you do if one parent agrees the child should be out in public but the other parent doesn't? Also, what did you guys do when Kilee "cleared the table" at the restaurant? Thank you.

I am so glad you were able to tape the interview with Silken as I was not able to attend the presentation that night. It is so inspiring how Silken has embraced Keely. Many of her experiences echo what parents tell me. It is so interesting how she talked about herself as originally being a a type A personality and how she was able to grow and become calmer and learn about herself as a person and adapt in so many different and positive ways through parenting a child with special needs. Bravo! Barbara - Social Worker

As a recent step parent of a severely Autistic boy of 8 and my own younger children, and being very busy working mom how were you able to open yourself up to create a bond with Kilee and learn to love Kilee?