Monday, January 23, 2012

Dressing gown? Check

It doesn't matter when your child does something -- if it's something he couldn't do previously, it's a thrill.

Ben can knot the belt on his dressing gown. He's never been able to tie his shoes because of fine-motor problems and we stopped trying to get him to years ago.

But recently I've been demanding that he not come out of his room at night till his dressing gown belt is tied. And he's finally got the hang of it.

It's one of many simple things we take for granted with kids who have regular hand control. In fact, we take so much for granted with typical kids that we miss the joy of many of the 'steps' along the way.

Tell us something new your child is doing or enjoying!


Sophie has developed a bit of an attitude, and she's stiffening her back and refusing to sit down in her wheelchair/stroller when she wants to go outside and walk. We try to honor her desires/wishes, but sometimes we have to talk her out of it, and it's gratifying to see her will manifested in that way --

Cool Elizabeth! From your photos I can imagine why Sophie loves getting out to walk. Hope you are having a good day! Louise

Hi Louise,

I'm thrilled for both you and Ben! Tough love never hurt anyone. And, truth be told, "Sometimes its it a must for special needs kids --especially those with moderate disabilities.

Needless to say, the small things are HUGE, as they are earned through years of work or practice, and can never be taken for granted.



Oh yes, it's so true that it's such a thrill when our kids can do something that they previously couldn't! Very happy for you and Ben!