Monday, September 26, 2011

Visit a new parenting resource online!

For the last year I've been seconded to Holland Bloorview's Family Resource Centre to help better integrate BLOOM resources with child disability information in the resource centre.

Holland Bloorview's new online Family Resource Centre brings together parent and professional advice, community resources, Holland Bloorview programs and BLOOM stories organized by topic.

Visit the Family Resource Centre and click on any of these topics under the blue Resource Centre tab at the left:



Growing up



In hospital 


My child has

'My child has...' includes stories and resources about a variety of specific disabilities.

In coming months we plan to set up a parent discussion board where you can share firsthand information and support.

For those who live in the Toronto area, don't forget to drop by the Family Resource Centre on the main floor of Holland Bloorview!

From Monday to Friday, our family support specialists, social worker and parent mentors share resources on a range of child disability topics and Holland Bloorview programs. Just around the corner is the Ronald McDonald playroom, where children aged 2 1/2 and up can have supervised fun while you gather information.

We are hosting an open house on Wednesday November 16 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Meet our parent mentors, family support specialists and library staff and learn about funding, fun and respite resources. For more information or to register, message

If you can't make it to the hospital, Ontario families are encouraged to phone our Warmline with questions at 416-424-3888.

The Family Resource Centre works with families to educate, empower and connect parents.

Parents and staff participated in a working group to develop the online resource centre and Lisa Callahan, our resident website wizard, brought it all to life.

This is the first phase of our online resource centre and we hope to develop the section based on your feedback. So please -- go in, click on the topics and send me your input ( or post it below!


What an amazing resource this is. Congratulations to you, Louise, and everyone on the team who made this happen.

Wow. The site looks great. I just clicked on the seizure section and jumped back! I had forgotten that you were using my words and photo. Thank you; it's an honor for me and for Sophie to be featured.

Welcome to the emergence of social media within the healthcare system --this is great and just like I said, "One department at a time."

Furthermore, this resource also reinforces my belief that Holland Bloorview, an institution which I love and owe my life, has a greater role to play in maintaining the health of these same kids as adults. For instance, as a former client, I was able to learn when and why botox may or should be administered by a professional for those with cerebral palsy.

I wholeheartedly congratulate and thank everyone who was involved, or remains dedicated, in the continuance of such an invaluable resource.

May we please never stop turning disability into possibility.

Matt Kamaratakis

It looks fabulous! I can see how much hard work went into making the site so beautiful, rich in detail, and useful for families (and students too!). I was so excited to read this update and see the final result of months of hard work! Congratulations to everyone in the Family Resource Centre.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

Elana -- thanks for all the work you put into the recreation resources! Louise