Monday, October 18, 2010

Parents in the 'peg'

I'm at the Canadian Association for Pediatric Health Centres conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Yesterday was an all-day session with the Canadian Family Advisory Network -- parents from across the country who sit on family advisories at their hospitals. It was a fascinating day with many heartfelt firsthand stories of raising -- and sometimes losing -- children with disabilities or chronic health conditions.

I spoke about the BLOOM blog and we did a session looking at barriers and solutions to getting hospitals and family advisories involved in using social media.

I'm looking forward to connecting with more parents and perhaps recruiting a few to guest blog with us. Happy Monday!


Is that at the HSC? Darn I was there yesterday too! Not for the conference (though I saw a sign posted for it in our opthalmologists office last month but it was too late to sign up) but for my ultrasound, which turned out to be rescheduled. Anyway it's too bad I missed you! You'd love Skyler in person :P he's too cute.