Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Worlds apart

I'm happy to let you know that I've been asked to write once a month for Hopeful Parents. You can read my piece Worlds apart there today.

Hopeful Parents is an online community of parents of children with special needs. You can read a variety of posts by parents just like you or chat online with them.

I like the way Hopeful Parents describes its mandate for writers:

Let's start with what we're not about, because that paints a clear picture: we're not about providing solutions, we're not a how-to site, we don't give answers on why a condition exists or how to treat it, we don't do product reviews, we're not a news outlet or a source of information.

So what's left?

We are about YOU. What is it like being your child's parent? How do you feel when your son or daughter succeeds or fails? What affect does parenting a special needs child have on your marriage, on your relationship with other family members, on your own sense of self?


I'm honoured and privileged to introduce you to Hopeful Parents. I'm sure you'll find much there of value and comfort! Louise



After reading your latest piece, "Worlds apart", I can say that your hopes and fears regarding Ben's future, do not differ from my own with regards to myself. For instance, despite not having to face as many barriers or hurdles as Ben, I have tried and failed more than most, and definately more times than I care to remember. Some days, I wish that I was no longer here, but then I think of you and Ben, my friend Alex whom lost her life but faught so hard to live, and how I can't hurt my Mom.

Hence, I not only try to live my life with the strength to endure and will to persist, but have vowed to give back all which I have been given. For instance, I would love to start a movie night for inpatients at Holland Bloorview, as this may help bring smiles to each adorable face on the weekend. However, I don't know who to speak with or, even if, this is a good idea. Are you interested in helping me find out?


Hi Matt -- there are many recreation activities (including movies) for inpatients at Holland Bloorview -- and we have a huge volunteer program with volunteers who support this and other programs in the hospital.

I would suggest you be in touch with our Volunteer Resources department to learn about the many volunteer opportunities available. Here is their contact info:

contact Volunteer Resources at 416 422 7031 or e-mail us at volunteers at hollandbloorview dot ca *

You have so much to offer!

Hooray! I am so happy that you're writing for Hopeful Parents -- it's a great place...

I'm going over now to read your piece --

I wish it didn't cost $25 to join. I'll have to check it out when I get some money in paypal, but I'm heading to read your post, Louise!